Our Graduates

Graduates of the Big Voice Production training program are well-equipped to put their voice to good use and help pay the bills!  Proper training is the foundation for success, but you don't have to just take our word for it...


We’ve trained hundreds, yet treat every one as the most important!

Here is just a sample of a few of our graduates…

Chris Thorn, Recent VO Grad

"Ron Allan is a professional. He is the best person to push you, be honest with you, and leave you with the tools you need to continue your journey in this profession…  As a student, he's assisted me with getting my voice heard in multiple television commercials in Iowa and West Virginia. And with his guidance, I landed two paying jobs before I  even completed my training!!  Big Voice Productions. 5 Stars. Highly recommended!"  -Chris Thorn, class of 2018

"Taking Ron’s course has been the best thing I ever did for my  voice over career.  The wealth of knowledge and experience he brings is tremendous.  

After my first lesson with him, implementing some of his tips, I landed my first voice over job through my agency.  The course provides a comprehensive guide to what you need to succeed in this business – from interpreting copy to how to market yourself and everything in between – all taught in a professional, patient and caring manner.  

You could not ask for a better teacher, a better mentor than Ron.  Simply put, he is the best!" -Jane Boyer, class of 2014

Rashmi Nemade, Recent voiceover training grad

"Ron is exceptionally professional and holds himself to a high standard for both the quality of his audio work and his business relationships, and coaches students to do the same without being overbearing. Of course, he wants us to succeed, but clarifies that ultimately success is in our hands;  he is there to help, but we must do the work.

His Freebie Fridays are a give back to the community where anyone can come and 'see' more of how this business works - FREE of charge! This shows that Ron is genuinely invested in his students and the community!

Ron - I could not be happier with the training I've received from you.  Not only WOULD I recommend you as a voice over teacher, I already have!" -Rashmi Nemade, class of 2017

Amber Deafenbaugh.jpg

"another 2019 BIG VOICE Graduate...Amber Deafenbaugh with her telephony demo!" " Amber Deafenbaugh, class of 2019

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you for a wonderful experience learning the voice over business.  I thank God that I ended up training with you… You were a wealth of knowledge and skill, and you conducted the training in a way that was comfortable, exciting and productive.  You gave me the opportunity to do a few commercials very early on in training, which was so motivating!  To hear my voice in a commercial was amazing!  You were more than generous with your time, and did what it took to teach me everything I needed to know.  And when it came to learning the technological portion of recording, editing and so on, you were patient and kind.  That was greatly appreciated!

Now that I am fully trained, I feel that I can handle just about any job that God might bless me with, and I have you to thank for that.  You have trained me well.  And I truly appreciate it."  -Tina Schuster, class of 2013

Jacob Lisek.jpg

Week after week I came to his studio ready to learn any and everything he had to offer, and I couldn’t help but feel that I was leaving every session with a new crucial piece to the puzzle of how to make it in the world of voice over. From guiding me on building my first studio, helping me produce some awesome demos, to providing me with the tools and strategies on how to market myself and start my own business, Ron has laid out and helped me gather everything I need to start a successful career in this industry. I am incredibly grateful and honored to have been one of his students! -Jacob Lisek class of 2019

"Ron Allan is a very knowledgeable man who is able to convey the information he has acquired during his career as voice actor. He makes sure that you get the most out of what he teaches you. Including Voice Over/Acting, on how to work the equipment, marketing, helping you with jobs, and much more. He is a man who that has earned my respect and great admiration. Ron Allan course gets my full endorsement, and his course is the best decision I have ever made" -Elijah Cottril, class of 2017

Josh Albert, recent voice over grad

“I was looking to change careers, and after working in radio years ago figured that doing voice over work would be a breeze.  Ron quickly filled me in that voice over is WORK.  I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until I talked to Ron.  Once I talked to him though, and then signed up for his class, it quickly became apparent how much Ron knows about the VO industry, and how much he wants all of his students to achieve success.  He pushed me to work hard, and….  he works hard to do what he does for his clients, and he expects the same level of effort from his students and voice talent…  I would recommend Ron and Big Voice Productions to anyone that needs a VO coach or VO production work done.” -Josh Albert, class of 2018

Keyondra Shanae, Recent Graduate Of Big Voice Productions

"When I was sent to you by the agency for a demo, I never suspected that three months later, I would be recording spots from my own studio.  Your classes gave me the confidence to go out and get it done. You teach with courtesy and patience and the classes were always the bright spot in my week.

 The first day, I came to the studio, one of your students told me to do everything you told me to do and I would be successful.  That is a piece of advice I would pass on to any prospective student of yours." -Keyondra Shanae, class of 2018

“Ron really knows his stuff! It was a pleasure working with Ron and learning the voice acting business. He covers all aspects of what you need to know, including constructing your studio, marketing yourself and running your business. Ron’s many years of experience in the business, and his ability to convey his knowledge in a systematic and concise way, certainly make him one of the premier voice coaches in the business!”  -Mark Snow, class of 2012

Jessica Fields, Big Voice Productions graduate

"I couldn't even begin to guess how many projects I've completed in the past year – hundreds?  but I'm hitting about $80K this year.  Keep in mind, - almost all of that work is from long-term, repeat clients and work that comes through my website.  I'm also pretty much only working not more than 10 hours a week, I'd say. Thanks Ron!” 

  -JESSICA FIELDS, class of 2013